Conference proceedings

Political economy(front_cover) no textThe Forum for Economists International will publish conference proceedings  (with ISBN number) prior to the conference (see also Previous conferences/publications).

As abstracts have already been reviewed there is no additional peer-review for papers to be included in the proceedings.

Participants may or may not submit their papers for inclusion in the proceedings. Thus, it is optional.

Your paper or abstract can be included in the proceedings on 2 conditions:

1. You must have registered for the conference and your manuscript must comply with the manuscript guidelines.

2. You must order and pay €79 for your copy of the proceedings by April 20, 2020. Just click on the Pay Now button below and pay by credit card or by bank (debit card).

You will be referred to PayPal, where you will see 2 options:

1.  Pay with my PayPal account

2.  Pay with a bank or credit card.

If you do not have a PayPal account select option 2, which will allow you to pay by credit card or by bank (debit card).

You will find your copy of the proceedings in your conference package.

You can also pay by sending a payment order to your bank.
In this case you will need to cover all bank fees.

Bank details:
Forum for Economists International, Papendrecht, Netherlands
IBAN: NL04ABNA0482488867